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410 Cartridge / Rifle Bullet Necklace
410 Shotgun Cartridge Bangle
410 Shotgun Cartridge Cufflinks
410 Shotgun Cartridge Drop Earrings
410 Shotgun Cartridge Stud Earrings
Bee Bracelet
Bird on Branch
Bunny Rabbit Necklace
Classic Stock Pin
Cubic Zirconia Horseshoe Necklace
Double Horse Head Ring
Double Horseshoe Ring
Farrier Nail Bangle
Farrier Nail Bangle - Single Head
Farrier Nail Cufflinks
Farrier Nail Earrings
Farrier Nail Heart Necklace - Large
Farrier Nail Heart Necklace - Small
Farrier Nail Necklace
Farrier Nail Pin
Farrier Nail Ring
Farrier Nail Stone Ring / Horseshoe Nail Ring
Fox Cufflinks (Running)
Fox Head and Tail Bangle
Fox Head and Tail Ring
Fox Head Bangle - Double
Fox Head Cufflinks
Fox Head Earrings (Summer)
Fox Head Earrings (Winter)
Fox Head Necklace
Fox Hound Necklace (Silhouette)
Fox Necklace - Running
Fox Necklace (Silhouette Running)
Foxhound Brooch (Silhouette)
Freshwater Button Pearl Earrings
Freshwater Pearl Earrings 7-8mm
Galloping Horse Earrings
Gift Voucher
Greyhound Bangle
Greyhound Necklace
Hare Necklace
Horse and Jockey Necklace
Horse Head and Horse Leg Bangle
Horse Head and Tail Ring
Horse Head Bangle - Double
Horse Head Cufflinks
Horse Head Earrings
Horse Head Earrings (Large)
Horse Head Earrings (Small)
Horse Head Necklace - Arab
Horse Head Necklace - Arab with Stone Set Eye
Horse Head Necklace - Hunter
Horse Head Necklace - Show Hack
Horse Head Necklace (Silhouette)
Horse Head Stock Pin
Horse Head with Stone Set Eye Necklace
Horse Leg and Hoof Bangle
Horse Leg Necklace
Horse Necklace
Horse Stirrup Necklace Smaller Design
Horse Stirrup Necklace / Pendant
Horse Stirrup Ring
Horseshoe Bangle
Horseshoe Bangle - Double
Horseshoe Bangle (Large)
Horseshoe Brooch
Horseshoe Chain Bracelet
Horseshoe Cubic Zirconia Earrings
Horseshoe Drop Earrings (Large)
Horseshoe Drop Earrings (Small)
Horseshoe Earrings
Horseshoe Hunting Crop Brooch
Horseshoe Necklace
Horseshoe Necklace - Large Design
Horseshoe Necklace - Rose Gold
Horseshoe Pearl Earrings
Horseshoe Pendant
Horseshoe Ring
Horseshoe Ring (with Stone)
Horseshoe Stock Pin
Horseshoe Stock Pin with Stone
Horseshoe Stone Set Earrings
Hunting Crop / Whip Ring
Large Horse Leg and Hoof Ring
Leaping Horse Necklace
Little Show Pony Bangle
Liverpool Driving Bit Cufflinks
Liverpool Driving Bit Necklace
Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Bangle - O-Ring
Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Bracelet
Mare and Foal Necklace
Partridge Bangle
Partridge Necklace / Partridge Pendant
Pheasant Bangle / Pheasant Charm
Pheasant Brooch (Silhouette)
Pheasant Necklace (Silhouette)
Pheasant Necklace / Pheasant Pendant
Polo Mallet Bangle
Pony Head Necklace / Pendant
Pony Necklace
Pug Dog Necklace
Rabbit Under Tree Necklace
Riding Boot in Horse Stirrup Necklace
Rifle Bullet Bangle
Running Fox Hunting Crop Brooch
Running Fox Stock Pin
Shire Horse Necklace / Heavy Horse Pendant
Shotgun Brooch
Shotgun Cartridge Bangle
Shotgun Cufflinks / Cartridge Cufflinks
Shotgun Necklace
Shotgun Necklace (Cartridge)
Show Pony Necklace
Silhouette Fox Bangle
Silhouette Fox Cufflinks
Silhouette Stag Head Brooch
Small Horse Leg and Hoof Ring
Small Horseshoe Earrings
Snaffle Bit and Pearl Bracelet
Snaffle Bit and Pearl Necklace
Snaffle Bit Bangle
Snaffle Bit Bangle - Larger Bit
Snaffle Bit Bracelet - Chunky
Snaffle Bit Bracelet - Larger Bit
Snaffle Bit Bracelet - Medium Bit
Snaffle Bit Bracelet - Small Bit
Snaffle Bit Brooch
Snaffle Bit Chain Bracelet
Snaffle Bit Drop - Small Bit
Snaffle Bit Drop – Lightweight
Snaffle Bit Drop Earrings
Snaffle Bit Drop Earrings - Lightweight
Snaffle Bit Drop Necklace
Snaffle Bit Necklace - Large Bit
Snaffle Bit Necklace - Loose Ring
Snaffle Bit Necklace - Medium Bit
Snaffle Bit Pendant
Snaffle Bit Pendant - Moveable
Snaffle Bit Ring
Snaffle Bit Ring (Large)
Snaffle Bit Ring (Small)
Stag Head Necklace (Silhouette)
Stag Necklace
Stirrup and Buckle Earrings
Stirrup Bangle
Stirrup Earrings
Summer Fox Head Hunting Crop Brooch
Summer Fox Head Stock Pin
Unicorn Necklace
Winter Fox Head Hunting Crop Brooch
Winter Fox Head Stock Pin

Equestrian Themed Jewellery Categories

Country Pursuits
Horse Shoe Jewellery
Snaffle Bit Jewellery

Hand Made with Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold

All our pieces are individually hand-made and finished and are available in Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. Some of our pieces also give you the option to customise by adding a precious stone (typically Diamond, Sapphire or Ruby), which really adds a personalised touch, especially if you’re buying a gift for a loved one

Fox Jewellery

For a specialist piece of Fox Jewellery we have assembled our most popular Fox related designs on in our Equestrian themed groups


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    Gift Voucher

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